New Website is Up and Running!

I am happy to announce that the Central Coast Singles website has been updated, revamped, streamlined, and is ready for operation. I hope you will bookmark us as and share it with your friends so they can check it out. You are viewing it now, with articles, information, and updates and activities along the right column on this page. Simple, but informative.

This has come after lots of preparation and hesitation. While the group was on it’s own with a Yahoo and Facebook presence this whole time, the website upgrade sat idle while I took care of other business. Now that things are going again, I wanted to get this new site up and running.

What has changed?

There is much less overwhelming information up front, but it is being handled in a different way to provide greater value. For instance, instead of posting stories or tips on dating and romance on the website itself, that information will be put in this blog with a link to it or RSS Feed you can pick up for your own reader or to bookmark. That way it is easier and faster to post things you will want to read.

I will migrate information from the old website, which is no longer active so you will eventually have all the same information right here. I will also provide pages for each topic along the menu at the top of this page. You will notice menus for events, as well as an embedded calendar in the right column of the site. There is also a scrolling widget of posts from our Facebook page, where you will find more info. Go to our Facebook Page to see events posted there, and you can RSVP from that page.

There is also a widget to show our Instagram page pictures, and you can sign up to receive notices of changes to this site at the top of the column. Don’t forget to check the last few Tweets we sent in the widget there also.

You can actually sign up for membership through Facebook, as well as having online payment for events such as Speed Dating. The Facebook page shows what you get for your membership and has a button for you to sign up.

Photo gallery and video will be hosted on Facebook, on our YouTube Channel and our oldest pictures will be in our Photobucket Library where you can (scroll down once you are there) click on sub folders for events. Before, it took a lot of “real estate” to show all the pictures I wanted you to see. Now I just use albums to let you scroll through and see the pictures. It is much easier for me to upload pictures immediately and set them up for viewing now, so you will have access to everything you want to see.

There will also be direct access to community pages here for all the different cities, towns, and communities on the Central Coast right from the menu above. Just click on the Community link then the submenu for your town or community and see pictures, suggestions, dating info, and past events we have held in your area. That way, you can see how active we are in your own back yard.

Social sites are readily available. We will have the important ones in the Events / Dating section, and explain to you the benefits of each site to stay in touch with us.

The About CCS / News will have updated information for you, anticipated projects, news releases, and a press kit for media to help promote our group. This is all available from our News Page when you hover over “About”. This page will also be up soon.

Our Sponsors will be happy to know there is room to display their logos with links to their businesses, also under About CCS. This is a great way for us to thank them. They will also be featured on our event pages so people can find out more about them, how they supported us, and contact them to patronize their business and thank them.

We have all this and more, with a fresh new look. We hope you will like it, and share it with all your friends. SHARE US! We make it SO easy for you to tell all your friends about us on Twitter, Facebook, email to a friend, and more. Just click on the +Share link and share away! The more you share us, the more likely your Mr or Miss Right will find you!

Also, don’t forget to  take Classes and Services on Facebook, or support the Central Coast Singles to help keep us going to benefit the singles community here on the Central Coast of California. We cannot do it without your support. Visit our pages to see how to help.

Gerald Craig
Director of Central Coast Singles