History of Central Coast Singles

Central Coast Singles has existed since early 2005 to serve the needs of the Singles Community here on the Central Coast of California. With events throughout the year, and over 1,800 singles of ALL ages contacted for events when we were running a few years ago, we are sure you have a very good chance of making friends and maybe even finding the right guy or gal for you. We Bring Singles Together For Now and Forever!

This igranges a picture of our first  event, back in June 2004, as you can see from the date on the bottom, when we were just getting started. This was a spaghetti dinner with 24 singles. This is just one side of the hall where we did this. We had more on the left. This picture just shows me in the upper right corner. I have abandoned the hat, but still have fun events. This event made me realize how much the Central Coast needs CCS.

ccs-dance-grangeA few weeks later, I hosted a dance with FREE swing dance lessons before the event. We had a DJ with requests and lots of singles. This was a private event held at a hall in San Luis Obispo. You can see just a few of the singles that attended. We even had our own lighting for the event. This was a fun event and several singles asked me to continue doing events like this. This was a lot of work to set up, so I switched events to The Grad in SLO.

As I started to host events at The Grad in SLO, we started to get more and more singles appearing. Things grew and more events were asked for. I started to add more events to my schedule.

That is when I started hosting outdoor events like hiking, kayaking, docent led walks, and even a tour of the Piedras Blancas Lighthouse. We had very active members that enjoyed the events, and we always had a good turnout. We will have many more outdoor events as we grow again, so you should look forward to having lots of fun.


Mingles have been a very popular event. We had as many as 60+ singles showing up to an event. We even had restaurants that closed to business to host us. They created special menus for us and treated us like royalty. Mingles were the ultimate mixer and will continue to be a fun and integral part of Central Coast Singles. Mix freely with anyone that attends and get to know them better.


Lastly, one of the favorite events is Speed Dating. The last one I hosted had over 70 participants. I hosted 3 Speed Dating events and we attended a couple small ones hosted by others. Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures of these events, but will have some the next time I host one.

Central Coast Singles : We Bring Singles Together For Now or Forever!

In the meantime, join in on events and sign up for our Central Coast Singles Newsletter. This will assure you will keep in touch and know what is going on. Also LIKE and FOLLOW our Central Coast Singles Facebook Page, then follow Central Coast Singles on Twitter to be sure you get tips and information.

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