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  • 3/10/2017 – Issues with Eventbrite Calendar. Unfortunately, we ran into a glitch with our Eventbrite calendar. In the meantime you can either use the link on our home page and view a list and calendar from there, or you can click for our Events Menu and read about sources of information and see the calendar also. I hope to have this issue handled soon.
  • 2/23/2017 – NEWS RELEASE: The following is a news release offered for publication in northern Santa Barbara County.


    While the Central Coast is a beautiful place to live, one flaw is the lack of events for single people to meet others for a social life. Movies and concerts are fun, but don’t make a great place to meet others and talk. Other social events may not be suitable for people to show up alone.

    Singles have avoided activities that are more fun with a friend or acquaintance if they have nobody to go with. There has been a need for a social group for singles to come together to meet others and enjoy events that would otherwise feel lonely. There is a group founded by Gerald Craig that fills this need.

    Northern Santa Barbara County and San Luis Obispo County are once again being served by the Central Coast Singles planning events and getting singles together for fun or forever. Craig started the group in 2005. His group has hosted several events throughout the area.

    Having reached a member count of 1,500 at it’s peak, it was the largest secular singles group from Los Angeles to San Jose. Singles showed up for events from as far away as Ventura, Fresno, and King City.  Events were attended by as many as 80 singles in one night. Matches were made, and some are still in relationships to this day.

    Craig reserves free membership for monthly events at various venues. Most events are free, other than purchasing your own meal, drinks, or admission. Events that have been held in Santa Maria and Orcutt in past years include dinner, dancing to live music, barbecue, miniature golf, fireworks, and concerts at the Santa Barbara County Fair.

    Events planned for the Central Coast are mingles, speed dating, hiking, boating, mixers, and outings such as the exclusive docent led tour of the Piedras Blancas lighthouse attended previously. Most months will include dancing in San Luis Obispo or Pismo Beach, dinner for singles to meet and mingle, mixers, and outdoor events.

    Craig said, “The most satisfying events for me were speed dating and the trip to Piedras Blancas.” His last speed dating event had over 70 participants and resulted in a high number of matches, although Craig does not know if any of those pairings lasted long.

    The day of the trip to Piedras Blancas started with carpooling from San Luis Obispo. Craig noted that 3 singles drove up from Santa Maria for the event. “This was so unique that they could not miss out on this opportunity,” he added. The trip started with a stop in Cambria for a lunch and to visit the Fresnel lens originally mounted on the lighthouse, then housed in town.

    Craig went on, “We had lunch then headed up to San Simeon. The pier was a fun stop on a beautiful day with the Castle for a backdrop.” The trip went up the coast to the elephant seal rookery, larger than the one now found on Vandenberg AFB. This was a docent led visit with questions answered by a member who also was an official docent.

    The group then stopped in at the lighthouse itself, with a tour of the grounds, native plants, outbuildings, and in the actual lighthouse building. “The lighthouse is now a national monument, which makes the trip all that much more valuable,” Craig noted.

    The group had been reduced to an online presence without regular activities and lost contact with many of the former members. Many members that have been contacted have been excited for the opportunity to again attend events and meet other singles. The group has been revitalized and already has events scheduled.

    Interested singles should visit for a schedule of events or contact the founder at 805-888-9980 or email for more information. Craig plans to have more activities accessible to Santa Maria Valley residents.

    ~ Author Jerry Wheeler

  • 2/13/2017 – Pages are being updated. I am in the process of updating more pages. Most pages exclusive of the Community Section should have current information as of today. I will be tweaking and improving some of the layout and information as we go along, but for the most part this site is up and running complete.
  • 2/12/2017 – Community Section is up. I am adding pages for the different communities we visit and serve broken into areas and counties. You can get great tips on things to do, where to go, and events we have had in those areas in the past. You can then see if we have events near you on a regular basis, or why we do or do not have them there.
  • 2/10/2017 – Adding forgotten pages. I have been reviewing the old website and migrating information over to this site, bit by bit. I am finding pages that I have not included here yet, so I am adding the placeholders here now. My plan is to have the information you need and I previously provided in a more compact and usable manner.
  • 2/7/2017 Planning some events that are not usual. I have some ideas for events that we have not done regularly in the past.
    • Singles Mixers will be held at local clubs, breweries, and other relaxed venues. These may require purchase of drinks or cover charge at the door.
  • 2/5/2017 – Finally got events lined up. If you check the new Eventbrite calendar on this website, you will see some events have been set up. I am still getting them posted, but I am providing the following to start:
    • Dancing at Big Chill on a monthly basis is an event we used to do regularly. We get together at our own table and dance with each other, and with other singles and attendees at The Grad. It is located at the end of Industrial Way in San Luis Obispo. Sometimes Big Chill will be preempted by special events or fights on TV. In those cases, I will announce whether we will be there for the event, after the event, or find an alternative such as we are doing for March (preempted for a UFC fight broadcast). Usually there is a cover charge by 8 pm, but I get there early for dinner.
    • Dancing at Harry’s Nightclub to live music. They have a fun band from Los Angeles playing on a fairly regular basis, and we will have seats there to enjoy the music and dance. Sometimes we will attend karaoke, special concerts, or other nights here. There will usually be a cover charge to get in. For March we will be there instead of Big Chill.
    • Coffee and Games in Pismo Beach at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf on Five Cities Drive. This is next to McDonald’s across from the Premium Outlet Center. We will use this location from time to time for simple mixers, game nights, and more intimate events. We have been here before with positive results and other singles seem to like it. These do not require a cover charge, but we suggest a purchase of drink and/or snack. You do not have to play games, but I am bringing Trivial Pursuit, Yahtzee, and maybe Battleship in case anyone wants to play while we are there.
    • Singles Mingles are generally held monthly, or as presented on our website. We hold these at restaurants and singles will buy their own dinners. These may alternate with mixers at local clubs, depending on demand. Reservations are requested and strongly suggested so I can let the restaurant know how many are coming. We usually have our own area, or a restaurant may choose to close for us.
  • 2/1/2017 Starting new pages on the website. I hope to have things up to speed in a couple weeks, depending on how things go. I was recently in a car accident, so things might move a little slow.
  • 1/20/2017 has been secured for our website. I also got, but will not be promoting that one. I am moving things over to this website now, and focusing on the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram going as soon as I can.

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