Quick Ways To Get Over A Guy

By Jake Reese We all know a relationship breakup can be tough and everyone has their way of dealing with it effectively. Not all approaches may be right for you in the long run just like eating too much junk food. While it may feel like you need to do this to fill the hole … Continue reading Quick Ways To Get Over A Guy

The After Breakup Feel Good Arsenal

By Michael Griswold When you're mending your broken heart after the breakup, we sometimes need a bit of an extra oomph to feel better. So whether you're focusing now on the details of the breakup, feeling melancholic, or you simply want an instant pick me up, try skimming through this list for ways to make … Continue reading The After Breakup Feel Good Arsenal

Rebuilding Life After Divorce

By Lori V Woodward Tip One: Ensure You Use The Oxygen Mask Method First In an airline takeoff, the flight attendants will provide instruction that in the event of an emergency, oxygen masks will drop from the ceiling, and that adults should always use the oxygen mask prior to placing one on their children. This … Continue reading Rebuilding Life After Divorce

Dating Has Nothing To Do With Love

Yes, I said it. Dating does not involve love. I'm not saying you cannot love someone you date, nor date someone you love. I'm saying that for almost all of us, if you go on a date, it is only a date. Too many people read things into something that is not really what they … Continue reading Dating Has Nothing To Do With Love