Our Singles Events

By now you realize the important thing about  Central Coast Singles is that you can attend events and meet singles. It is much more personal than just viewing dating sites. You can check out my Facebook videos to get tips on how to handle people and events when you are not used to it, and come have fun.

There are different ways you can find Central Coast Singles events:

  1. Click this Eventbrite Link or see the listing and calendar in the right column of this site and you should see a listing of upcoming events you can reserve space for or buy tickets. Some will be free, some require paid tickets. Click the Reserve button.
  2. Visit our Central Coast Singles Facebook Events Page to see what is listed, and to RSVP for the individual events. Please do not do both Eventbrite and Facebook because that is confusing. Either one will work. Sometimes the Facebook listing will point you to get tickets elsewhere though.
  3. Sign up for our Central Coast Singles Newsletter to get the latest events for our group. There will usually be a calendar of events coming up for the month on each newsletter as well as information on what is going on or advice, etc.
  4. To get immediate updates and information on events, follow Central Coast Singles on Twitter to be sure you get tips and information. It is a good idea to check your Twitter feed (once you follow us) to see if there are any changes to events you are about to attend.
  5. You can use this form to be added to our Evite account and receive invitations for events. Just submit this form and you will be added to our list. I do it manually to assure you are included on the correct list. Once I do this, you will be sent a link to approve being added to our Evite list. You can also watch Twitter and Facebook where I will post links to invitations that you can use to RSVP for that event and automatically be added to our Evite list.
  6. Add your email to our Evite List:

  7. I am setting up events on other calendars for events, San Luis Obispo.com and other media sites for their calendars.
  8. If you want to be really patient and diligent in your searches, just watch Craigslist until you find something you want to do. Of course, you will probably miss events, but I just want to mention as many ways as I can think of.
  9. Use this calendar to ADD to your OWN calendar! Just click the event and click to add it to your own calendar so you do not have to move details. Follow the prompts.

Remember that if you DO NOT RSVP, you may not get updates or changes as they come up. If you want to be sure you have ALL information, be sure to RSVP for the events you want to attend. Since many events cost me money, or venues depend on numbers I provide for their staffing and supply levels, I ask that you let me know in advance if you cannot come.

Don’t just come to ONE event! I cannot tell you how many times I have been told by someone that they came to an event to meet someone they expected to see, and stopped coming to events, then the person they were looking for showed up at the next event. The first person missed out because they gave up. I tell people that if you see someone at an event, take the time to meet them there, or plan to come to events until they show up again. If you just give it 1, 2, or 3 more events, you don’t know if maybe they will show up at the 4th event and you will miss them. Keep coming until you find who you want.


There are a few events we have on a regular basis. This is a basic rundown of these types of events, and what to expect at them:

  • Big Chill at the Grad: We get singles together once a month to dance to music from the 50s to today. It is a fun mix of music and popular with others of various ages. This usually draws singles from their mid 20s to their 60s, with a full run of ages in-between. If you choose only one event per month, this is the one to go to. This will always be shown to free members of CCS and the public, even when premium memberships become available.
  • Singles Mingles and Dinner: We get together at a restaurant or fun venue to meet other singles in a social setting. We usually have our own room or private area where we can sit and engage each other. We have even had restaurants SHUT DOWN for an EXCLUSIVE event, and a SPECIAL menu for us! I have been fortunate to have prizes and gifts I give out at events as well. There will typically be one per month. These may be limited in number to free members once premium membership begins. Gifts and prizes may be offered ONLY at events for premium members.
  • Hikes and Walks/Outdoors: These may be led by different people, depending on the event. We are so fortunate that one of our members has volunteered to lead walks, sometimes even operating as a docent or group leader. She is very knowledgeable about local places and informative. She truly cares about the people she takes along with her.  She will be available for many FREE member events, but if you are exceedingly happy with her help, offer her something or buy her a coffee afterward 🙂  There will also be premium events where she can be compensated for her help.

Thank you and I hope to see you at many events, unless you find someone right away, of course….

Central Coast Singles : We Bring Singles Together For Now or Forever!

In the meantime, join in on events and sign up for our Central Coast Singles Newsletter. This will assure you will keep in touch and know what is going on. Also LIKE and FOLLOW our Central Coast Singles Facebook Page, then follow Central Coast Singles on Twitter to be sure you get tips and information.