Events Listed Here

I am sorry to say that the calendar on the right side of this site is not working on all browsers. Until I can figure out the problem, I am going to add listings to this post so you will not miss them. Here is a list of events, with the next event on top, … Continue reading Events Listed Here


Dating Has Nothing To Do With Love

Yes, I said it. Dating does not involve love. I'm not saying you cannot love someone you date, nor date someone you love. I'm saying that for almost all of us, if you go on a date, it is only a date. Too many people read things into something that is not really what they … Continue reading Dating Has Nothing To Do With Love

New Website is Up and Running!

I am happy to announce that the Central Coast Singles website has been updated, revamped, streamlined, and is ready for operation. I hope you will bookmark us as and share it with your friends so they can┬ácheck it out. You are viewing it now, with articles, information, and updates and activities along the right … Continue reading New Website is Up and Running!