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We LOVE our sponsors. We love them so much, we actually have a dedicated page for them, as well as mentioning them in event announcements on Facebook and eVite, in our newsletter, and at our events. If you wish to be a sponsor, there are certain ways you can do this. You can use the Sponsor Contact form at the BOTTOM of this page, or you can respond when we come to your business to ask you.

Sponsorship may be financial, it may be providing space and services, it could be in the form of member discounts, it might be providing prizes to give away. Whatever way you choose, please contact us and make arrangements. We do love our sponsors.

supercutsSuper Cuts of San Luis Obispo County has been very helpful as a sponsor, donating free cuts as prizes for our events. I am also a customer there and have had negative experiences with other chains. Try all 5 locations, two in San Luis Obispo (Foothill Blvd. and Madonna Plaza), 5 Cities Center, Nipomo, and Paso Robles. Sign in ONLINE to find the location and get your place in line with less wait. You can use the app and can earn free cuts!


Chili Pepper’s Restaurant at 2121 Broad St. in San Luis Obispo behind Manuel’s bar and liquor store, has awesome food. They had a very special menu for us on their patio, and provided live entertainment as well. It doesn’t look like much, but the pricing is great, the food is great, and Alex is more than willing to make people happy there. There is indoor and patio dining, and some food you won’t find anywhere else. They also cater. This is one of my favorite places to eat, even on a budget.

centralcoastsdJohn Wheaton of Central Coast Swing Dance teaches West Coast Swing in Nipomo and Santa Ynez. He has provided lessons to our members, and his technique is very good. He uses visual aids to demonstrate and help you remember steps. You don’t have to bring a dance partner. He usually has partners there for you.He has taught, judged, and held events across the country since about 1991 and is very professional.

danielsDaniel’s Jewelers in the Santa Maria Town Center was nice enough to provide us with some prizes one year for our Valentine’s Mingle. They provided a very nice necklace, and a big gift card. They have some really nice stuff. I suggest you check it out the next time you are in the mall. The manager that worked there at the time was very nice, and cared enough to help us out.

As I go through our records, I will add some of our other past sponsors here.

If you are interested in sponsoring in some way or providing free facilities or service, please use the contact form below. Thank you and I hope to add you to our sponsor page real soon.

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