Training & Central Coast Singles Shop

Below is our Central Coast Singles Shop for you to buy items that will help support my efforts to bring quality events and fun to the Central Coast. I first present to you classes and training you could find useful in reaching your goals as a single person. Please peruse both sections to see what you will find helpful and interesting. Payment may be made by Paypal or Credit Card.


This section provides classes and training sessions for you to deal with certain issues most singles deal with when trying to find someone online. Please read descriptions and contact me to check scheduling. Most are provided one-on-one, but I can address groups for discounted prices.

How to write an effective ad for singles sites
($50/hr – 1 hour min, 1/2 hr increments)

I have been successful in meeting singles online because of my ads. I can teach you what others are looking for, what to avoid, and how to narrow the field to people you would actually date. We will develop an add for you that should be effective to get you noticed and on your way to success. Truth, emotion, and communication are key. This will take place at your home, or in a group setting for discount.

How to meet singles outside of dating sites
($50/hr – 1 hour min, 1/2 hr increments)

There are many other sites and offline places to meet people and make arrangements to find some awesome friends and candidates for romance. We will set up some accounts, deal with online calendars, and I will show you how to find places to meet people that fit your criteria.

Effective picture taking for singles ads and other purposes
($50/hr – 1 hour min, 10 min. increments)

You see many types of pictures online. Some good, some bad, some ugly ~ not the people, the pictures. Yes it is possible to take an ugly picture. What makes a picture effective, what represents you best, and what is inappropriate. That too-tight skirt, the pursed lips that look like you want to suck on a straw, the shirtless flex and strange grin. Let’s get your picture done right.

Read between the lines to translate single-speak / Get an answer every time!
($50/hr – 1 hour min, 1/2 increments)
You write to someone to either get no answer or get an answer that they are not interested or you are not a match. This can be from a combination of things, but maybe you are picking the wrong people to contact. I will teach you what ads mean, who to contact, and who to avoid. There are certain keywords that should be avoided, and some that should attract you. I teach you the difference and figure what you should look for based on your own needs.

Central Coast Singles Shop

Here are several items I have for sale. I will usually bring a representation of items to events for you to shop. This allows you to get your hands on the items and help support my efforts to bring singles together to find partners and friends.

Shark Watch – Price: $55
I am the exclusive dealer for Shark and Shark Army men’s watches and chronology. Check my selection at any event. All watches are brand new from the distributor in their own presentation box.

Jade or Turquoise Bracelet – Price: $15
Check my supply of brand new jade or turquoise bangles and bracelets at any event. My stock changes each time so be sure to ask each time until you find what you are looking for. Turquoise may be mined in Mexico or China, Jade comes from various international sources.

Various decorative necklaces – Price: $18
Materials range from sterling silver, plate, and various stones such as jade, turquoise, and other stones from international origins. See my selection at events. These will change so check often.

Men’s Cuff Links – Price: $12 to $20
These cuff links are various themes, such as Star Wars, Pokemon, Superheroes, and specialty designs. Check selection and pricing at events as these will change.

Thank you for viewing and buying to support Central Coast Singles. I appreciate your support.