Welcome to Central Coast Singles


When I started Central Coast Singles back in 2005, I knew there was a need for it, but I had no idea that it would be so well received. My goal is to provide fun and entertainment to local singles, such as dancing, mingling, and outdoor activities, as you will find ON OUR GOOGLE CALENDAR. I also help educate and inform through workshops and classes, newsletters, and blog entries.

I find that as time passes, there are many more demands for my service. That is why I offer so much more than when I first started. That is also why I have to charge for membership and certain services such as workshops and on-on-one tutoring and advice.You will find our information when you JOIN OUR GROUP ON OUR MEETUP PAGE.

I also accept promotional funds and sponsors. For some events I even round up sponsor items for door prizes.

You might notice a polarization of ages, high and low. The reason is that there are three main age groups, each with a specific need.

Baby Boomers were born between 1946 through 1964. With the end of each war or “police action” troops came home and households began to create offspring. These are the groups that are the “oldest” attendees at our events. These would be from the late 50s and older. This generation had a birth rate of about 76 million, a large number of happy families reuniting after WWII and the Korean conflict.

They are usually well-to-do, retired, and have many hobbies with plenty of time on their hands. They are not necessarily looking for relationships, as they are more established in their lifestyle and would rather just have good company. For this segment of our single population, I offer many indoor events, as well as some low impact such as hiking and walking. They also want higher end events and activities for quality.

Generation X were born 1965 to 1984. These were augmented by immigration numbers during low fertility years of the 1970s. Their ages run from their mid 30s to their mid 50s. The population is estimated at 79 million, which could grow to 81 million due to migration. You will find a large number of mixed race here. Many of these were “love babies” or “coke babies” as those were the hallmarks of their respective periods of time.

This is a more active generation, looking for relationships and healthy activities. For this group, I find more demand for quality healthy food and hiking, climbing, kayaking, and cycling. They want to be physical, and find someone that enjoys the same pursuits. They are usually well employed, make decent incomes, and do not want a tag-along that is just going to hang out and not put in effort. They want a genuine person with personality and goals.

Millennials were born between roughly the early 1980s and early 2000s. With ages running from their early 20s through mid 30s, this is a smaller demographic from the other two, which run about 20 years each. The census shows about 83 million, or about 1/4 of the population. That means that the smallest age segment takes up one fourth of potential participants, although taking relationships into consideration makes that calculation inaccurate.

Think of this generation as more of a “flash drive” for your computer. There is plenty of information and desire for activities and the good company of others as friends, but they are likely to change on the fly. They tend to move from one interest to another. Not because they are ADD or ADHD, but because they want to be active and see more of life. They have less patience because they see more going on and want to be more active. They are also likely to have been brought up in a mixed household or single parent household.

Do any of those seem like you? If so, you can see that I have your needs in mind, and will do what I can to address those for you. My goal is to satisfy everyone I can. I cannot satisfy everyone altogether, but I work on as many as I can help.

On this site you will see activities past and future, as well as current listings you can sign up for now. I will give you more information as time goes on, but in the meantime you can explore this site and see if you can find something that suits you. Join in on the fun, consider supporting Central Coast Singles with sponsorship, and take part in what we have going. Also let me know what I can do for you.

Gerald Craig, Executive Director
Central Coast Singles