About Central Coast Singles

Central Coast Singles has been serving the needs and requests of single men and women on the Central Coast of California since early 2005. Our roster has reached over 1,800 singles of ALL ages and we are working on getting back to those numbers as soon as possible. With dozens of singles attending events in the past, we know there will be plenty of contacts to make friends and relationships. Some singles that met at our events are still together! Check out the History of Central Coast Singles, see Who is in Central Coast Singles, you can Contact Us if you need to, and check out News Releases and Press Kits.

Central Coast Singles : We Bring Singles Together For Now or Forever!

In the meantime, join in on events and sign up for our Central Coast Singles Newsletter. This will assure you will keep in touch and know what is going on. Also LIKE and FOLLOW our Central Coast Singles Facebook Page, then follow Central Coast Singles on Twitter to be sure you get tips and information.


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